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With relevance to this weekend’s posts

I took the weekend off to instigate parts #1 and #2 of our Three Part Plan to spend our income tax “refund” and didn’t catch onto the developments and plot lines of these two posts until last night. Then I … Continue reading

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Hope, indeed

That is all I’ll be able to do with Biden and HRC at the helm of America’s foreign policy. Hope for the best and expect the worst. Keep an eye on Bahrain. Over the last month, Iranian rhetoric against the … Continue reading

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To Perchance To Dream

That I might get something like this here in Washington We are going to collect 40,000+ signatures and pass a Constitutional Measure in North Dakota that protects secret ballots. The ballot language is very simple: “To preserve and protect the … Continue reading

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Help! Brain Hurts!

And so does my gut from laughing so damn hard. One of the inmates at the dKos Animal Farm and Petting Zoo dared dissent from the partyline opinion on the topic of the NY Post “shot chimp” cartoon. His basic … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/23/09

Yes, I’m ten days late with this. My only excuse is that I just plain forgot. But none of that matters as this is one of the best Tolkien quote adaptations I’ve read in long time. One key to rule … Continue reading

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Who are these people

And how quickly can they repopulate the UK? The government is considering plans that would lead to thousands more British Muslims being branded as extremists, the Guardian has learned. The proposals are in a counterterrorism strategy which ministers and security … Continue reading

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