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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

Okay, so I missed a day yesterday due to that administrative hearing. It’s all good, because that means you all get a two-fer today! I took these shots in rapid succession at Boomershoot 2008. It’s the view from our shooting … Continue reading

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They got away with it once

And now, if it doesn’t work, it’ll “More! Harder!” until the whole thing comes crashing down around their heads. President Obama has not ruled out a second stimulus package, his press secretary, Robert Gibbs, said on Tuesday, just before Mr. … Continue reading

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They stream radio over the web

So it would be a natural “progressive” idea, wouldn’t it? Talk radio just isn’t enough for these guy. They want to control it all. Senior FCC staff working for acting Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps held meetings last week with … Continue reading

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Not What You Think

You can take the test here. Created by LPUK Found via CCinZ

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While Rome Burns

Washington State is looking at a deficit in the billions of dollars that is right up there with California when compared per capita. So what is the important issue of the day in the state legislature, you ask…. Novelty lighters … Continue reading

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