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Gun and Knife Pr0n

…from ExistingThing. …now I’m going to call it Firebreather. I’m not sure what they did to it back at S&W, but now when I shoot it, 5 inch flames shoot out the forcing cone at 10 and 2 o’clock. It’s … Continue reading

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…for not posting, as promised, the update on our seven-day food packs for the cars, and posts on other survival gear. They’re still in the works, but over the weekend I remembered that a month ago we got hit with … Continue reading

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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

From Boomershoot 2008. In the .50 Cal. Ghetto, of course!

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New Aquisition

As I’ve documented here previously, whether for good or for ill, I’m “The Gunny” at my place of employ, and the questions have been getting more frequent over the last six months. One of my coworkers in particular has been … Continue reading

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Coming to a Representative Republic Near You?

We have the Obamessiah Administration giving away the country to all of his special interest groups while talking very kindly to any dictatorship who thinks they can use his words for propaganda purposes. How long before he and his minions … Continue reading

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Good for the Goose

Good for the Gander Looking back, Patrick Rosario realizes it probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Still, as it turned out, the burglars who tried to loot his Bellevue home got a surprise of their own as they began … Continue reading

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Now THAT is advertising!

Bear Mountain Sports goes for overkill Not that that is entirely a bad thing. On a somewhat related side note (some of you may have heard this story before), the last time David and I set out for Boomershoot, The … Continue reading

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Everybody’s Doin’ It

Make Me A Superhero I don’t drive fast, I just fly close to the ground.

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