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The Soundboard: Being Offensive Edition

I’d thought that I was impossible to offend. I figured that I’d seen most of what there is to see and hear, and that if someone was going to try and offend me, they would be more likely to just … Continue reading

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Then they need to quit voting Democrat

The MadRocketScientist finds one of those studies that reveals what most of us what we already knew Today, the Center for Union Facts (CUF) released a unique new poll which found that 82% of non-unionized American workers would not like … Continue reading

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The Electronic Time Vampires

I’m not a tech-junkie. This could be the reason why. NSFW If it isn’t already, this vid will be very popular at Microsoft. Found at KisP

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Thank goodness

That the Stimupalooza is about to pass. That means the recession is just about over It just goes to show that the CBO report that no one in the media wants to talk about is right.

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New Scientific Discovery in the UK

Synopsis: Lying to people in order to scare them has a tendency to make them believe less of what you say. Experts at Britain’s top climate research centre have launched a blistering attack on scientific colleagues and journalists who exaggerate … Continue reading

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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

From Boomershoot 2008, down near the .50 Cal. Ghetto. Note the Axxiom recoil-reducing stock on one of the rifles.

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