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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

Another view of the red rifle.

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Ammo shortages in California, too

Everybody’s read by now the Orlando Sentinel article about Florida’s “bullet” (sic.) shortages. Is that just a Florida problem? Hell, no. Since our local Wal-Mart stopped carrying ammo (not foo-foo enough for the Bay Area suburbanites) I’ve been deprived of … Continue reading

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Blueprint for what’s ahead?

FerFal found this interesting article, the “United States of Argentina.” Read it so you, too, can spot the parallels!

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Cancellation of All Debt

Joe’s interesting post mentions someone advocating the above. Joe seems skeptical. Well, let me tell you — it’s already happening in the market to a large degree. I work in the consumer-debt “industry.” One of the areas we’ve avoided to … Continue reading

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Spoiled doggie

Kaya on the bed This was in the room on our recent trip to Tulare.

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The Ducks

Are in their row. The first move can now be made. President Obama has asked Seattle Police Chief and Seattle’s biggest hoplophobe with a badge, R. Gil Kerlikowske, to join his administration in the position of #2 Drug Czar. I … Continue reading

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A New Standard

You’ll want to update your information: Both criticism and/or dissent are no longer patriotic in these days of the Obamanation. Per Penn Gillette If I had anyone who was as blinded as Jillette’s friends seem to be, I’d say good … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/11/09

Because they care so damn much, we’ll never get this deal As I’ve pitched before. I don’t know if Mankiw’s idea is this dramatic, but Flip Pidot ran the numbers and for the $1.2 trillion the stimulus was (it’s growing), … Continue reading

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