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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

The utterly awesome Joe Huffman, Father of Boomershoot. Thank you, Joe! Boomershoot is a national treasure, and so are you.

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I didn’t know this existed. As someone’s said in the thread, the very concept of this gun hurts one’s wrist just thinking about it. That there, boys & girls, is an XP-100 chambered in 12.9×50.8 JDJ. “JDJ” is for “J.D.Jones,” … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of 2009

The W-2 forms have arrived and will meet their destiny with the paperwork from my mortgage company and collected sales receipts this morning in an effort to get some of our money back before The Obamanation pulls a California. Seeing … Continue reading

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