RNS Quote of the Day: 11/06/08

Since she’s a dog, I’m fairly confident that I can say she’s barking up the wrong tree here

This is a poll tax. How much do you get paid for an hour of work? Do you have the kind of job that would be delighted to give you an hour, a half-day, a whole day off work because you were waiting in line at your precinct? Even if it won’t cost you your job, can you afford to not work those hours? Are you elderly or disabled, do you not have the physical stamina for this kind of exertion? This is a poll tax… Who is not in those lines because they can’t afford to be?

Rachel Maddow

I may be mistaken, but weren’t most of the lines in the urban archipelago? And aren’t those precincts run by Democrats?

Also, if someone is willing to go to places like Iwo Jima and The Ardennes to fight our right to vote, is standing around for a couple hours at a school or civic center with your fellow citizens really that tough?

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4 Responses to RNS Quote of the Day: 11/06/08

  1. DFWMTX says:

    I’m reminded of Jack Parsons’ libertarian political treatise, in which he said freedom is a double-edged sword, and rights must be balanced with responsibilities.

    Liberals want their rights without responsibilities. They want the right to vote without the responsibility of proving you are who you are and that you do have the right to vote. Thus, they oppose measures like requiring picture ID, saying it’s equivalent to a poll tax because the poor and elderly on fixed incomes can’t afford to get ID. And thus they want people to vote without having to take the responsibilty of taking time out of their days and actually voting.

    Besides, why complain about this when we’re given so many voting options? It’s not like voting is restricted to a single day; plenty of states have early voting. You can also vote absentee, or by mail, which means you don’t take any time off work and it’s your responsibility to slip the ballot in the mail.
    And I don’t know about other’s workplaces, but my job has it as company policy that they have to give you time off to vote.

  2. Grumpy Old Ham says:

    Geez, the entitlement mentality is in a dead heat with industrial-grade stupidity there.

    Let’s review for a moment: here in the (now unfortunately light blue) Commonwealth of Virginia, the polls were open for 13 hours (6am-7pm). If your workday consists of 9 hours “on the clock” plus another 2 hours commute time, then you still have *2 hours* to get to the polls…and the governor assured people who were in line at 7pm that they would be able to vote, so the voting availability window was actually longer than 13 hours. And, like DFWMTX said, if that wasn’t enough time, there was always the “absentee” option.

    People who just “had to make history” by showing up at 6:01 had the privilege of waiting for an hour, sometimes more.

    Those of us with more than 3 functioning brain cells and who are familiar with the concept “Proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance” made allowances to arrive at slow times, or later in the afternoon when the lines were shorter.

    I don’t know why I’m wasting my time, anyway…with these morons, it’s all about “feelings”, not facts.

  3. Linoge says:

    Wow. What a blazing, unadulterated idiot.

    Better Half and I stood in line for half and hour with an 86 year old lady pissed off that she felt obligated to be there, complaining about having to wait, but there none the less. And talk about some interesting stories…

    “Poll tax” my hairy white ass. Get off your respective fat asses and get out there and vote, otherwise shut the hell up.

  4. Luddhunter says:

    Ditto DFW,
    The Ludds in the urban archipelago frequently bitch about any work they need to do. It is not just their confusion of civic responsibility with economic responsibility, it is their confusion about responsibility in general.

    In their egalitarian (egalita-ratfuck) vision, these faggoty fixers do not like a society that forces people to compete and be personally responsible, as the productive people in in our culture do. That is why they slob the historical knob of Karl Marx and work so hard on advocating policy which effectively centralizes the major economic decisions and co-opt big market players to establish de-facto control over industry.

    These tin-horn unweaned tyrants want government and her big tasty titties to pick and control industrial winners so that they can realize their infantile limp dick vision of fairness, which is price and wage controls, and massive redistribution of housing, health, and money…EVEN IF it means crippling the economy and shortages of most products and services.

    Now their Robin Hood Butt Boy Obama is elected, and they expect him to nance around in his green tights and bow and arrow, and rob from the rich and give to the poor…and all that looter state policy will do is earn those utopian dreamers in the middle class a big federal internal revenue sodomization.

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