If only

Don’t go thinking that the US is the only place that has imbecilic tree-huggers who want to shut down logging. Even the Ilse of Tasmania gets their fair share.

Unfortunately for them though, the guys working down there aren’t about to put up with their bullshit.

FOREST activists who survived a violent attack by loggers in Tasmania’s old growth Upper Florentine valley will return for what they say is a make-or-break summer of protest.

Video of the two activists’ ordeal showed their disabled blockade car under assault on Tuesday from a man with a sledgehammer before others kicked in its windows.

The two, Nishant Datt, 22, and Miranda Gibson, 27, said they tried to escape from the car as quickly as they could after the attack began.

“I was pretty sure that if we’d stayed in there, he would have started going at us with the sledgehammer as well,” Mr Datt said.

He said he was thrown to the ground and kicked as he scrambled out of the car, and Ms Gibson cut a hand escaping through a broken rear window.

They are part of a small group of protesters who on Saturday will celebrate their second year trying to halt logging in the Upper Florentine, about 120 kilometres west of Hobart.

Sorry for the propaganda piece there, but it is the only bit o’news explaining it at all.

If’n your boss or mother is nearby, you might want to hold off on watching this. Otherwise, try not to laugh too hard. Notice when “Ms. Gibson” gets out of the rear of the car how she doesn’t even try to run. It’s as though she isn’t at all frightened.

If only the loggers in Washington and Oregon had been this pro-active when the lying bastard pro-Spotted Owl pukes had started taking hold, maybe such a large number of people wouldn’t have had their lives ruined.

I was thinking that maybe loggers should post signs informing the “activists” of the potential consequences of their actions should they attempt to put them out of work.

Possibly something like this:


You are entering an active logging site. Beware falling trees and other dangers. Hardhats are highly recommended.

If your activities include attempts to blockade and/or shut down this work site, you can expect those whose employment depends upon working here to become unhappy with your presence. It is recommended that you go back to the comfortable college or university where you were brainwashed into believing that these men are causing the planet harm. There you will be more likely to find someone who gives a shit.

Any damage caused to you or your property because of an attempt to blockade and/or shutdown this work site is your own stupid fault and you deserve every bit of it for attempting to take food out of the mouths of these men’s families. Just because you lost in court does not mean you now have the right to stand in the way of these men’s livelihood without suffering the consequences.

Once again, hard hats are highly recommended.

Oddly enough, I notice that a couple guys attacking a car that is blocking the only path to a work site is labelled as “Violence” by these “activists”.

However, when 50 leftists go through a downtown street busting out windows and setting fires in the street, these same “activists” call that “Community Organizing”.

Found via Tim Blair

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  1. Kyle says:

    The audio makes me think of allegations about John McCain. Someone ought to paste a clip that the beginning – “I’m John McCain, and I approved this message.”

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