Not wanting to miss out on any of the blasting goodness, I set up the video camera behind and off to the side of the first four benches and left it standing there running for nearly an hour.

Upon reflection, that was not the best idea I’ve ever had, since I got about 3 minutes of usable video and fifty some minutes of range breaks, guys casing and uncasing their firearms, people sweeping brass and generally standing right in the shot of people firing.

Things to remember for next time.

I’m not going to waste time with YouTube taking an hour to load 99% of these and then kicking me off and telling me to try again, so you can easily right click and Save As for these.

Here is David lighting off the FNC brought to the GBR by Gunny Jim (62mb).

Later, not too long before we left I wanted to make sure I got some good shots of the guys firing the Barrett so I moved it a bit closer in and actively attempted to try and keep folks out of the shot.

Here is David on the .50. (43mb) Ammo was running short and he called his time over early so as to make sure everyone got at least two.

And here is The Packing Rat getting his two in (40mb). Watch the blast.

Earlier in the day, US Citizen was making sure the 100yd zero was still there, and said shots were passing through the target board and taking huge chunks out of the 200yd berm. After this was relayed to him, I suggested he paint the gun Caterpillar yellow because of all the dirt he was moving.

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2 Responses to GBRIII Video

  1. David says:

    The quality of the video image is fantastic.

    And I might have stopped at two for reasons other than charity. After shooting a Garand for the first time shortly before the .50, I found the big gun’s recoil wasn’t much more — but the blast was… magnificent.

  2. Derek says:

    That blast was awesome. I laughed really hard when I saw myself flinch on that last shot. Big boom, indeed.

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