For Kevin Baker

who’s inquiring about the .308 Encore pistol he shot at the GBR III. I’m realizing I don’t have any good pics of it, so I’m gonna remedy that in the next 15 minutes or so. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, it’s a factory Encore frame, 15″ Bullberry barrel with integral muzzle brake, with a Stratton Custom hanger bar and (I believe) a factory synthetic rifle forend. (When ordering the hanger bar from Stratton, you must be sure to specify rifle- or pistol-length screw spacing, as they are different). It also has a Harris bipod, which I bought after using the borrowed one shown above at the Bower Shooting Clinic in 2006.

Some links that will be of interest:

That very pistol’s performance at Boomershoot 2008

Bullberry Barrel Works, which made the barrel (I bought it off Ebay in 2005)

Stratton Custom, which made the all-important hanger bar for the forend

My post with the Bower article from American Rifleman, if Kevin didn’t take it home with him

The Bower Shooting Clinic, part zero, part one and part two.

And, most importantly, the Specialty Pistols website and forums.

Oh yeah, and if you want the MOST accurate T/C barrel, you want an OTT. I’ve not owned one myself, but I drool over the pics of the teeny tiny groups shot out-of-the-box by Specialty Pistols forum members who order ’em.

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