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Comin’ at Ya

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! Steve Beren is the Republican candidate for Congress in the WA-07, also known as “Baghdad” Jim McDermott’s district. The guy is a fighter who knows the evils of our nation’s creeping socialism, because he used to be … Continue reading

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Please do remember

Who these people will be voting for in eight days. Fish should be renamed “sea kittens” to boost public concern for their welfare, according to animal rights campaigners. Sea kitten and chips, filet-o-sea kitten and sea kitten fingers would replace … Continue reading

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Rivrdog voted

Read all about it here. But will his vote actually be viable? Read all about that here. As Election Day nears, so do growing allegations of voter fraud. The latest came Thursday with a twist: A libertarian think tank in … Continue reading

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RNS Joke of the Day: 10/27/08

It’s funny cause it’s true. Especially with BFF’s like ACORN. Q: Why will Ho Chi Minh vote for Barack Obama? A: Because Ho Chi Minh is dead. Found via The Real King of France

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Keeping the Peace

Versus Keeping a Piece of Your Wallet. A Madison Township, Ohio police officer whose record of busting real criminals is unbeaten found himself reprimanded for failing to focus on writing traffic tickets. The Columbus Dispatch reports that Officer Ken Braden … Continue reading

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