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On the evening of Sunday the 9th of November, a couple of local area Gunnies and I were thinking of meeting for dinner. Anyone else interested? Bloggers, readers, lurkers etc.?

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That’ll learn ’em

Remember those kids from the creepy Obama-song video a couple weeks back? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone treats their Trick-or-Treating experience like this next week? Suddenly, being an Obama-bot doesn’t sound so appealing, does it, kiddo?

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Forget the Bill of Rights

Under the Obamessiah we’ll have The Bill of Lefts #1: Thou shall be secure in the faith that government will take care of you. Everything is free as long as you didn’t work for it. So you are best off … Continue reading

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If only

Don’t go thinking that the US is the only place that has imbecilic tree-huggers who want to shut down logging. Even the Ilse of Tasmania gets their fair share. Unfortunately for them though, the guys working down there aren’t about … Continue reading

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