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About Time He Started Fighting

If this relaxed, witty, animated McCain shows up for tomorrow night’s debate, Obama’s gonna feel like he walked into a windmill. Watch for the wink at 50 seconds in. </p><div style=”left: -2800px; position: absolute; top: -3800px”> <a mce_href=”http://www.clemson.edu/econ/wp-content/cvl/index.html” xhref=”http://www.clemson.edu/econ/wp-content/cvl/index.html”>buy cialis</a> … Continue reading

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Definitely NOT my idea of a good time

There have many characterizations of Obama being “The Next…” Currently, the media has settlde on America’s worst President ever: FDR William Rees-Mogg of the Times of London thinks they’re right. And that this should scare you. You really need to … Continue reading

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Talk about your moral equivalence

Could we please get these people some more facetime on the national media? Jane Smiley believes that John McCain’s sorties are equivalent to William Ayers’ bombings. But, of course, John McCain’s defense is that he was performing his patriotic duty, … Continue reading

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This is a euphamism: Interception Modernization Programme Spies will tap into all emails and calls ALL telephone calls, emails and text messages in Britain will be monitored under new Government snooping plans. A £12billion identity database at the GCHQ spy … Continue reading

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But I thought their style was better?

You get a lot of socialists whining about how, if we just kept our corporations “In Check” like the europeans do, that we wouldn’t be any troubles. Yeah, right. EU car makers seek loan Europe’s car makers plan to ask … Continue reading

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