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The way to the keyboard is shut. It was made by those who are kitteh and the kitteh keep it. The way to the keyboard is shut.

We have had one very excellent suggestion for a name for the Tacoma Blogstation Kitteh, from David: Heller Kitteh

However, I would like to try some more on for size before making a decision.

We aren’t yet positive, as the As Yet Unnamed Kitteh is so young, but we’re pretty sure it is going to be a He. He has cowed the dogs and has discovered his ability to “Go Spidey” up a screen, so his mojo is quite powerful, even at six weeks.

AYUK is tired of me using that term, as well as Furball and Mr. Fuzzy Nuts.

Please to leave comment suggestion. AYUK thanks you.

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9 Responses to Your help requested

  1. Linoge says:

    Our next cat is going to be named Pixel, so you cannot steal that one… Apart from that, my suggestions include Spot, Schrodinger, George P. Burdell, and “Your Highness” (since that is, after all, the appropriate form of address for any feline).

  2. Mauser?

    ….. Mr. C.

  3. eric says:

    All “tiger” cats should be named Hobbes. There really is no other option.

  4. Gerry N. says:

    Why not stick with “Ayuk”? Short, chirpy and one syllable. Cats often respond well to short, chirpy names as they sometimes mimic their mother’s calls.

    Besides, it sounds rilly kewl.

  5. DFWMTX says:


    That picture makes him seem to have a dastardly smile, like he knows he’s keeping your from the keyboard and from the blogging.

    Plus this name is close enough to what you may want to call him when he’s being naughty, but can’t use the real thing when children and womenfolk are around.

  6. The Mom says:

    In recognition of (his) ability to control the canines of the family, how about Bowtome – Bow for short ….. isn’t it amazing how such a small little thing can take control and run the show?

  7. Tony says:

    Is that a Pixie bob?

    I suggest: ‘Cuda Kitteh

  8. Bob1 says:

    The way to the keyboard is shut.

    Then his name is Firewall.

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