What is it about Philadelphia?

First we had Fatima Ali warning us of an impending race war if Obama’s bid for the Presidency fails.

Now we have Catherine McNicol-Stock telling all the people who live in the PacNW, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska, that we live here because we are intolerant of non-whites because only five counties with those six states have a 5% or greater black population.

I’m not even going to quote this broad because 1. There isn’t an inoffensive paragraph in the entire article, and 2. I already lost an IQ point or two reading it the first time.

I would like to know just what Ms. McNicol-Stock would say if she found out that a large percentage of Kos Kids live up here, at least according to this survey from just yesterday? I’m sure she’d make some excuse for their being here.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin points out something that I neglected to investigate on my own. It seems that not only is Ms. McNicol-Stock an idiot, she’s a university level idiot.

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3 Responses to What is it about Philadelphia?

  1. Myles says:

    Incredible. I just forwarded the article to my wife (who is black) and she wrote me back and asked if that lady had ever been to Arizona.

  2. Jimmy don\'t play that says:

    What about the Amerind population? I had this same disconnect with a liberal friend when I lived in NM – “where are all the black people?” she said… oblivious to the majority hispanic/amerind community. Meh. Stupid white-eye.

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