The Soundboard: Substitutions

This wasn’t the post I had written for today. This is a substitution caused by Sarah Palin’s speech last night. Today’s post will be up on next Thursday’s Soundboard.

First, the speech

The leftists are scared. It would behoove you to take a run through any of their blogs to find out just how frightened they truly are. If I had any pity available, I wouldn’t waste it on the leftosphere, but some folks aren’t as strong as I am on this topic. If McCain and Palin are able to keep this up it will be their election to lose.

I am in deep gratitude to Mrs. Palin for being the salsa which is slathered over the Turd Sandwich that was McCain v. Obama.

So, for her, the first song I heard after hearing her speak. I literally ran out the door seconds after her speech was complete, hopped in Buddy to go to work, and this was the track that leapt from the thumb drive in the deck.

Stand Inside Your Love – The Smashing Pumpkins

And then again, on the way home after having shown the above linked video to some co-workers, Klaus Meine and the boys from Hanover were the random selection off the same thumb drive.

You Give Me All I need – The Scorpions


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