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Our good man, Rivrdog, is laid up in der hoospital, apparently with some ass-ugly nurses to boot.

His guts are not sticking to the agreement of being comfortable inside his body and it may come down to the knife. So if you have any kind thoughts available, please do send them his way.

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5 Responses to Send kind thoughts

  1. Kirk says:

    Hopefully it is not a Diveticulitus incident. I am having a bout of that right now myself. No fun.

    My dad had that and had to have an operation that shortened his colon. the fun included a colostomy bag for a few months…. Not something I want to do myself.

  2. rivrdog says:

    Not this time. Now it’s complications of gallstones, damn near shut everything down. By time I got to ER, kidney function had stopped, BP was in freefall. ICU recovered me, but gall bladder will go away later today.

  3. The Mom says:

    I’m sure you’ll be a good patient and be like new in no time. Be sure to take advantage of anything that resembles pampering while you’re there. Good vibes being sent your way ………

    And I have to agree with Kirk on the Diveticulitus business. Phil’s stepdad had eight major operations with the stuff – one gangreen incident, three temporary colostomies (which all prolapsed), and finally, after the quacks admitted defeat and referred him to a “real” Dr. he now has a foot of intestine left but has the guts of a 40 year old! Nasty ordeal to say the least and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone (or their caregivers).

  4. Ouch! Get better soon Rivrdog!

  5. HKpistole says:

    I’ll cast some 45-70 boolits in his honor today.

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