Even though you were pissed off at Chrysler for discontinuing the Plymouth line and there would never be a Hemi Cuda, you bought a Dodge Challenger.

Consider your problems solved.

When Chrysler gave its Plymouth brand the axe, many storied name-plates were orphaned — none of them more legendary than the Hemi ‘Cuda. As the Mopar brand began teasing the world with its pony car revival, otherwise known as the Dodge Challenger, a great many fans of the classic Barracuda were left wishing that their childhood dreams of driving off the showroom floor in a brand new Hemi-powered Plymouth muscle car could finally be fulfilled. And so they might. HXC Performance is currently hard at work designing a retrofit kit that would transform the Dodge Challenger into a proper Plymouth ‘Cuda. Many aficionado’s believe that the 1971 ‘Cuda was the best looking year, and it’s on this model that HXC chose to base its conversion. Included is a new grille, fender “gills” (which were only used in ’71), Shaker hood, tail lights and a new rear valance.

To up the performance ante of the standard HEMI-powered R/T model, a Brembo brake package and suspension upgrade will also be included, as will a few engine option packages that can bump the power up to 475 horsepower. Mustang and Camaro owners may now have one more reason to keep an eye on their rear-view mirrors, mimicking countless scenes from the muscle car glory years of the early ’70s.

Hit the link for pics and info.

Speaking of which, it seems that the BBC’s Top Gear boys are in Reno, NV testing not just a Hemi Challenger, but also a Corvette ZR-1 and a Cadillac CTS-V. Why couldn’t they have waited a couple more weeks when we’d be there for the Gun Blogger Rondezvous?

And lastly, am I still the only one who thinks that the newest incarnation of the Chevy Camaro is ass-ugly? It may just be that it doesn’t look good in silver (or blue, or red or yellow), but hit that link and gaze at the pics and tell me how that is an attractive car.

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  1. Linoge says:

    Bleh. Seconded on the Camaro’s ass-ugliness… It bulges in all the wrong places, and honestly looks like nothing more than a Dodge Charger coupe (at least to me).

    Of course, as I say that, I am trying very hard not to go and spend far too much money for a Mustang Bullitt….

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