A Question

This is mostly for the head soakers who stopped by from Oliver Willis’ (Occupation: Toole) place yesterday, but anyone can play along.

I’m not making $250K a year yet, but let’s say that I am. Biden says explicitly that he and Obama want to put the money he takes from those making over $250K “back” into the hands of “working class people”.

I’m guessing that most, if not all, of you consider yourselves the “Working Class People” Biden was talking about.

So here is the question: What, exactly, have you done to deserve my money?

I worked for it. Doesn’t that make me “Working Class”?

Just because someone decided that my job skills were worth that amount and they are compensating me with a regular payment equaling over the dollar amount Obama and Biden chose, doesn’t mean that I get to put on special boots and step out of “The Working Class”.

Being able to suck in oxygen does not qualify you to my money. If you were to do what the government does and point a gun at me while attempting to take it, I would be legally justified in defending myself.

That your dick works and your chosen female childbearer also has functional reproductive organs does not qualify you for my money. Especially if you two have proven that you cannot do the necessary mathematics beforehand that would have shown you your inability to provide for your offspring.

That you have a severe enough lack of job skills that you cannot provide for yourself also does not qualify you to my money.

So now with these items out of the way, I am at a complete loss as to what, exactly, you have done to deserve the money I worked for.

Remember, we’re not discussing the sick or the disabled here. Biden specifically said that just because someone does not make the same amount of money as I, that they are deserving of money that I earned from working.

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3 Responses to A Question

  1. Anthony says:

    The redistribution of wealth has to do with power and control. The fact that someone took your money and gave it to someone else is a symptom of a social disease.

    The real issue is the top of the pyramid now is not merely resting on the backs of the bottom, but grinding them under the heel of his boot. Thus, socialism and gun control is the predecessor to Collapse of this pyramid.

    Biden and ilk wants mote then your money. He wants to foster his Orwellian charade unto you and your own.

  2. Firehand says:

    It’s like the Death Tax- excuse me, the Inheritance Tax. You’re not supposed to be able to pass on what you worked for because it’s not ‘fair’ to those who won’t get any of it, and now it’s ‘unpatriotic’ to be pissed at a 30% or so extra tax taken out of it just because you’re now dead.

  3. Toastrider says:

    Having a father who works for the IRS, I get a really interesting view of this sort of thing.

    Obama and Biden may talk a good game about ‘ooh, let’s tax the rich!’. What they mean is ‘let’s tax people who aren’t dirt poor and don’t need the government to hold their hand!’.

    What they forget is that people with plenty of money are more than willing to lobby Congress so they can /keep/ more of their money. So these people will wine and dine their Congressman, and this is why the tax law looks like someone threw up on a hard drive and compiled it. The ones that get the shaft? You guessed it — the middle class.

    To this day, I take a cruel pleasure in telling people, ‘You don’t like the tax code? Start writing your Congressman. Stop whining about the IRS, they don’t write the code.’

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