A Difference

There is The Nanny State, and then there is The Panty State.

Do not confuse the two. Women who have taken too many “Women’s Studies” course and feel that they need to call themselves “Feminists” don’t like the latter one.

An Australian pub offering free drinks to women who remove their underwear and display it to patrons and staff will be investigated by alcohol licencing regulators, authorities said on Thursday.

The Saint Hotel in Melbourne has promised a “No Undie Sundie” event over the coming weekend, where woman who remove their underwear and hang it above the bar will receive A$50 ($39) worth of free drinks.

Women who flash their bras and underwear to staff also get free drinks, the pub said, in a promotion that women’s protection groups said was “almost an invitation to sexual assault”.

Maybe under The Caliphate it is considered an invitation, but last time I checked, OZ wasn’t under the rule of one. Not to mention that those types aren’t allowed in bars in the first place.

Also, what kind of sorry bastard thinks that a woman flashing her underwear at the bartender is a “thumbs up” signal for rape?

Found via Samizdata

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