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Doing it proper

Sounds like someone who would hang out at RNS Shakespeare’s Juliet famously wonders: “What’s in a name?” Come to find out, a lot. Missoula County learned that lesson the hard way when it inadvertently approved a road name that basically … Continue reading

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The KY Connection

You will be allowed to choose the color of your hospital style dressing gown today, but that is about the only concession you will get when Congress votes on the “Turd of Compromise” bill. Tam found this link to the … Continue reading

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Lack of Interest

Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez got upside down on her home, owing more than the home was worth. She then decided that the bank was victimizing her, because they were going to make a profit. And instead of just paying off the loan, … Continue reading

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Among the Living

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes over the weekend. I seem to be on the upswing, having put the rout to my headcold’s attempt to move down into my chest. I knew there was a reason I picked … Continue reading

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