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For Your Grilling Pleasure

Tam found This Abomination. I find the Cthulhu Roaster to be more tasteful. I’m gonna have to buy both, though.

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Epic Stoopid

So yesterday, Joe Biden told America that not wanting to have your paycheck raided was “unpatriotic”. And the left went nuts with their new talking point. Over at Truth Not Required The New Republic, Jonathan Cohn penned not one but … Continue reading

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End Around

The Washington State Department of Ecology is pushing a ban on lead, including, but in no way limited to, 95% of ammunition on the market. Tuesday the 16th was the Seattle meeting for public comment and yesterday was the Spokane … Continue reading

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Umm, what?

So local hate-monger and blogger, David Neiwert gets his eyeballs on an old photo of Sarah Palin (circa 1995) and sees her sitting with a current for the time issue of the The John Birch Society’s Con Con Call newsletter, … Continue reading

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Sorry I missed it

Yesterday, the 2008 Ferrari California was unveiled (clicken to embiggen) Shades of the 250 GTO, sees I. More pics here

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The blasted land lubber, Tim Blair, points the seagoing rapscallions towards a place for some eating called The Heart Attack Grill in dry and sandy place called Arizona. After one of their Triple Bypass Burgers and some Flatliner Fries, even … Continue reading

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