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The Soundboard: End of Procrastination Edition

I’ve been meaning to do a post on wholly inappropriate music since I got back from vacation, but things have gotten in the way. First week, I didn’t do a music post. Second week was the Palin-abration. Last week, September … Continue reading

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One stupid statement deserves another

Kossite diarrhea-ist,  ShawnGBR, disagrees with the platitude “There are no atheists in foxholes.” And decides that, instead of listing the reasons why that is a stupid thing to say, comes up with his own stupid thing to say. “There are … Continue reading

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Consider me apathetic

If a socialist system of laws falls in the forest and no one cares, does it make a sound? Judges around the world have long looked to the decisions of the United States Supreme Court for guidance, citing and often … Continue reading

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Let’s Play: Name That Party!

He’s 30 years old and in jail today for smuggling five illegal immigrants and an ounce of crystal meth into the country. What is his father’s party affiliation? Like you need that link to figure it out.

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Gotta whole lotta law

Over 1.64 metric tonnes, to be exact. Ever tried selling a grey squirrel, impersonating a traffic warden, importing Polish potatoes or disturbing a pack of eggs without permission? If you do, you will be breaking the law. These are among … Continue reading

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After 18 Months

The University of North Dakota has finally implemented their “new security rules and procedures”. Take a guess at what is not on the list: Yep, armed faculty or students. A new security system, in the aftermath of the 32 people … Continue reading

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15 Minutes Ago

I was pulling down my street after a night at work and listening to the local ScareAmerica affiliate’s broadcast of the Stephanie Miller show. I tell you all this because about 15 minutes ago, Stephanie Miller stated as fact that … Continue reading

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