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RNS Quotes of the Day 09/18/08

The need to sustain capital is far outweighing what is now a luxury: to earn interest on capital. and this: The Treasury’s actions to support the credit market, including the massive $85 billion loan for American International Group, will be … Continue reading

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I don’t speak Italian

But I think she said that she was going to fist him! Former Formula 1 driver Riccardo Patrese gets into a Honda Civic Type-R with his wife for a quick lap, only she didn’t know just how quick a lap … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 09/17/08

From the Tuesday edition of the Seattle Times Letters to the Editor Trickle-down economics is a lie. Freedom requires more than free markets. Freedom requires government. America must return to the path of Jefferson, Roosevelt and Kennedy and vote for … Continue reading

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Some of the last men in France

Were off the coast of Somalia this weekend French combat frogmen sneaked aboard a yacht off Somalia today, overpowered a gang of gunmen and rescued two hostages in a daring raid that President Sarkozy called a warning to pirates in … Continue reading

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A bit of friendly advice

For Mrs. Nancy Pelosi: Before you go offering flat denials of the responsibility of your party in this banking mess, you might want to check the records concerning what was being said by your party members in the halls of … Continue reading

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The Epitome of Puss

Tim Blair posts on how Melbourne University is going through some cost cutting measures that involve trimming the fat from the Arts Department faculty. He does the math and discovers that these faculty members average salraies are $105,000 per year. … Continue reading

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Quick, send her to Iran

Everything Jamie Gorelick touches seems to turn to shit. From our pre-September 11th, 2001 national security, to Fannie Mae, and even the Duke Lacrosse non-rape case. Hand her over to the mullahs and tell them she’s a nuclear scientist and … Continue reading

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If they aren’t going to fall for it

Why do they expect us to do so? Results of a program using Aspen’s Canary Initiative to sell carbon offset credits to Democratic National Convention attendees are a little underwhelming. The program, set up by the DNC Host Committee through … Continue reading

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