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What’s This?

A No-Prize for you if you can guess what the massive object is behind the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor. Hint: it’s currently off the coast of Alaska and is one reason why it might actually be important to build … Continue reading

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Wormhole Spotted, New Alien Overlords Can’t Be Far Behind

Well, that’s as good an explanation as any for this very very VERY strange object in the sky. It appeared, brightened insanely quickly, then DISAPPEARED in 2006. No, it’s NOT a supernova, thanks for asking. Hubble caught it, but humans … Continue reading

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They hate that which they cannot understand

Excerpt from this NYTBlogs post by Judith Warner Fred Thompson had warmed up the crowd, his familiar old district attorney’s voice restored to full bombast, and he’d been in fine form, denouncing – to loud boos from the crowd — … Continue reading

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Can you say “Insipid”?

I knew you could. Now, just keep repeating that word while you read this AP article about the latest report out of the U.N. Development Program and the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey. Trust me, it will keep you from having … Continue reading

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It didn’t work for Dodge

The latest attempt by Democrats to use your tax dollars to buy votes in the 2008 election Gas Stamps As the U.S. economy teeters on the brink of recession, Democratic leaders are revisiting an idea born of the Great Depression: … Continue reading

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Congratulations Ohio!

You have Castle Doctrine Win! As of last Monday, Castle Doctrine is law in the State of Ohio. As can be expected, some people are frightened for the criminals A homeowner who injures, maims or even kills an intruder is … Continue reading

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Before it slips down the memory hole

Leftists rattle on and on about murderers like the Unitarian Church shooter from a month or so ago, and the guy who killed the Democrat car dealership owner, as being right-wing sycophants who were egged on by the “Eliminationist Rhetoric” … Continue reading

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Good for him

Sir Paul McCartney maybe an anti-gun, tree hugging hunter hater, but he’s also not afraid of pissing off the Islamofascist contingent. Sir Paul McCartney has been threatened that he will be the target of suicide bombers unless he abandons plans … Continue reading

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