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Make a Generator from Your Lawnmower

Pretty useful idea.

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Why Bush Will Be Considered One of the Greats

Bob Woodward’s Bush books have always been fascinating, especially because of the extent of his sources within the nation’s military establishment. But that reliance betrays him in his latest, as pointed out by Paul Mirengoff: The point of view that … Continue reading

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200,000 Volts

…and the car starts right up. See here for the video. Found via this thread on FALFiles. british show called top gear did a segment on EMP took a car to Kirtland AFB in New Mexico and sat a car … Continue reading

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Holy Japanese Bug Fights, Batman!

I did not know this site existed. Courtesy of this post on Althouse, now I do. FWIW, my favorite TV show as a kid was Ultraman, because what could be better than seeing a giant monster fight every afternoon in … Continue reading

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Last Call

There will be a meeting of the Pac NW gunnie minds this weekend, where we shall flaunt our wheelbarrows full of cash from the gun lobby, eat breakfast and BS for hours on end, thoroughly annoying the waitstaff. The place … Continue reading

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The Ronde

The 3rd Annual Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno, NV is less than 30 days away. Both David and I will be there, as will a whole host of other folks. You should do what you can to get yourself there. … Continue reading

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And I’d have gotten away with it too

If it wasn’t for those darn kids and their dog! Oh, how many times have the dastardly spoken those words? Countless times, to be sure. And it will continue for the foreseeable future, except that the newly dastardly will not … Continue reading

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It is hard to believe they got away with it

CNN came out with their “Top 100 Best Places to Live” list and you won’t believe one of the criteria: Screen out retirement-oriented communities, places where income is less than 90% or more than 180% of the state median and … Continue reading

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This’ll be entertaining

Freak on freak courtroom hijinks. I just wish they’d sell tickets. Trial is starting in Olympia in the lawsuit brought by the Ramtha School founder JZ Knight against another spiritual teacher called WhiteWind Weaver. In the trial on today’s calendar … Continue reading

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