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Sweet Stock

I’ve often thought about getting a couple of M1 Carbines from CMP, maybe even rechambering one in 7-30 Waters. But they’re so butt-ugly I just couldn’t stomach buying one. Not anymore! This is pretty cool:

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AR Lower Parts Kit Assembly: Part 3

Now for the final stretch. For those who missed it, Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. Make sur you read them both before continuing. First, your magazine release assembly. These are the parts you’ll need Insert the magazine … Continue reading

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Gadahn’s Gone

Adam Gadahn, the death metal-loving geek from California who became a high muckety-muck propagandist in the Al Quaeda machine, has apparently been killed by a Predator drone. This is suspected because he finally shut up and hasn’t been heard from … Continue reading

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