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Good Weekend

…to sign up for Gene Econ’s Precision Rifle Clinic. That means YOU Squeaky/ PackingRat/ LoneLibertarian/ Southparkpundit/ existingthing and anyone else I’ve forgotten. Best instruction and one-on-one coaching available for a ridiculously low price. As for me and Phil and Dave … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Usurped

AYUK has taken over. It is all I can do to stop it from CatBlogging. Back later.

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Looks about right to me

(clicken to embiggen) Found at the AoSHQ. Photoshop courtesy of Slublog.

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“Hmm… A Curious Quartet.”

A No-Prize to anyone who can identify the quotation titling this post. Hint: the words were spoken by Frank Langella, who was in character.

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