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Gun Rights Cases You Can Expect To See

…coming out of California shortly after incorporation of Heller against the States. From Gene Hoffman, chair of the Calguns Foundation, which will be underwriting a bunch of these: Things that Heller will end soon: 1. Waiting periods after the first … Continue reading

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Long Legs and Swiveling Hips

…are indicators that a woman is predisposed to vaginal orgasms, which have been linked to greater mental health, don’t’cha know. Further analysis revealed that the sum of stride length and vertebral rotation was greater for the vaginally orgasmic women. I’ve … Continue reading

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Tidying Up for the Week

Closing some chapters here: The mystery quote was from Aragorn, Son of Arathorn in Chapter 11 of the book Fellowship of the Ring. We had some very close guesses in there, and I’m glad I wasn’t the only one to … Continue reading

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For me, but not for thee

You’ve probably already heard of the UK government’s plans to collect information on the children of their citizens, including DNA, “for future purposes”. This plan is coming under fire from a number of groups and one of the topics being … Continue reading

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Assistance Requested

The Mad Rocket Scientist is in a gunnie style pinch and needs some urgent advice. Current and former LEOs, as well as those in the legal profession requested, though everyone should take a read of his dilemma and see if … Continue reading

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Me Likey

Any guesses as to the maker of this cross-over ‘ute?

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Jeez, what could go wrong here?

Maybe you’re exactly unlike me and are an outgoing person who likes to meet new people with whom you have very little in common with. Or maybe you just need someone to make you legal in the carpool lane. Or … Continue reading

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