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Andrea Mitchell — Buried

Did any of you catch MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell being buried by balloons? After McCain’s speech finished, the network cut to her on the convention floor, and within seconds you could barely see her for all the balloons — which, it … Continue reading

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Sorry, I can’t help myself

My mind’s just in the gutter. Last one for today. Alaskan folk wisdom: My husband and I are both gold miners, and right now we have water flowing through our sluice box, and when that occurs we don’t do a … Continue reading

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I guess you can tell where my mind is today

Geekery for adults. Via Always Aroused Girl, I give you the Snarling Misanthrope’s reenacted Death of Boba Fett… by Sarlaac Fleshlight. Best line: It didn’t take very long, as each and every Star Wars fan already equates Sarlaac with vagina. … Continue reading

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The coming bull market in slash fic

about the Republican ticket. What with the VPILF, FLILF, and, well, everything else you can think of, from age (both ends of the spectrum) to pregnancy to naughty librarians, some decent hack writers of slash fiction (both homo and hetero) … Continue reading

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On a side note

Pertaining a little to the post below: I was warming up Buddy’s engine in the work parking lot and listening to the local Air America affiliate’s broadcast of the Bill Press Show before I hit the Source button on the … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Substitutions

This wasn’t the post I had written for today. This is a substitution caused by Sarah Palin’s speech last night. Today’s post will be up on next Thursday’s Soundboard. First, the speech The leftists are scared. It would behoove you … Continue reading

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Charge them. Not me.

The Insurance Research Council could have saved the money they spent on this study and just asked me. Or you. Or anyone else with a fuckin’ clue IRC Research Documents Higher Injury Claim Costs with Lighter Weight Vehicles (pdf) Even … Continue reading

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