Need to get your blood moving this mornign?

Then take a read of this piece at the StiffRightJab blog about how a man who was only doing what the Teton County government and the State of Idaho required him to do for his housing development is now being herded off to federal prison because of some activists at the EPA who could care less about local requirements and a judge who refuses to let the county officials testify to the truth of the matter so that she could save some fish.

And don’t come crying to me if your blood pressure gets too high. You should have known when to stop reading.

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2 Responses to Need to get your blood moving this mornign?

  1. I’m distinctly of the opinion that this fits squarely into what Vin Suprynowicz is lamenting about in his book, The Ballad of Carl Drega.

    Too much being put upon, and a man will eventually snap.

    Federal prison for this, too. Simply a travesty.

  2. Army of Dad says:

    And now he is a felon so he can be deprived of more rights.

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