If you’re not yet insulted

You aren’t reading enough gun blogs.

The Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome, refuses to acknowledge that it is the policies of his city which led to the murder of Anthony Bologna, Matthew Bologna, and Michael Bologna.

Instead, he uses a good, old gun bigot propaganda line to attempt to wash away the blame.

He actually smiles as he says the NRA is against “anything that restricts the opportunity for a guy who gets cut off in traffic from pulling out a hand gun and almost assassinating an entire family, as was the case a few days ago in San Francisco, where three people were gunned down. That somehow that is appropriate and wonderful and that person celebrated his freedom to carry a loaded pistol”.

Sadly, the sorry bunch of elitists that live in his city will lap this up like they do all of his bullshit (Link found at Uncle’s). He’ll be successful in enabling many more crimes of this type, just as Rep. Carolyn McCarty was at getting this law abiding, but politically active against Rep. McCarthy’s interests, citizen’s firearms confiscated after he paid a visit to her office.

An outspoken Long Island gun owner’s home was raided by Nassau County detectives, who seized two dozen weapons he lawfully owns just one day after Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s office made a 911 call about him.

Freeport resident Gabriel Razzano claims he was targeted in the spring raid for his “unpopular” political beliefs.

He’s now filed a $5 million federal lawsuit against the Nassau PD and McCarthy, charging they joined forces to strip him of his guns unconstitutionally.

I’ve spent many an hour writing and visiting my elected State Reps in Olympia, almost exclusively on the topic of their wishes to enact draconian gun control laws in my state. This is why all my firearms are not on my premises.

The New McCarthyism?

But all is not of woe in the land of the Gunnie today. Michigan has relaxed it’s ignorant, and racism based, “Safety Inspection” requirements.

While not actually stopping the registration of the firearms of citizens in Michigan, the new laws do cancel the requirement to make a visit during very restricted and inconvenient windows of opportunity to your local constable’s offices so that they can register your guns in their data base.

This is definitely a case of less being better.

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