The latest whine

You can tell that the race for Washington’s Governor is heating up. The leftosphere has whined themselves up to a pitch that can only be heard by dogs.

The latest piece of outrage (click for bigger)
The urban “progressives” haven’t the slightest clue as to just how pissed off a large number of folks on the eastern, and more rural, side of Washington are after the 2004 debacle.

That sign is privately made. Not a handout from the campaign itself. Yet, by the screech of this post, I’m sure that they’ve been hammering the Rossi phone lines trying to get them to order it removed.

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8 Responses to The latest whine

  1. David says:


    I’ve got a political-poster collection that neeeeeds that bad boy.

  2. Murdoc says:

    Well, I’m not even a WA resident but will be posting that.

    The Dems should screech a little louder…if they do, you won’t be able to walk anywhere without tripping over one of those.

  3. Excellent!!

    ….. Mr. C.

  4. KTLA says:

    As a King County resident and Rossi supporter, I think the sign makers are sadly confusing the residents of Seattle with King County Elections.

    An attack (and an EXTREMELY serious one) on the residents of Seattle is neither warranted nor helpful to Rossi, the signs should be reworded.

    (Ed. – Since I was asked by the author of this comment to edit a typo in this comment, I would just like to add that the King Co. ballots were counted in Seattle and the counting was presided over by officials whose offices are in Seattle. But that is just a minor quibble, I would have probably used “King County” in my sign too.)

  5. john says:

    that was a typo huh?

  6. Gerry N. says:

    I simply GOTTA HAVE some of those.

    Gerry N.

  7. Phil says:

    Sorry guys, but I haven’t got a line on any of them yet. I’ll keep looking though.

  8. Scrapiron says:

    From what I read the communist in charge of Washington are taking away the citizens right to vote for their choice. Register as a dhimmi and you can only vote dhimmi. When will the hangings start? A politician in every tree may replace a chicken in every pot.

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