Preach it! Truth to Power!

And all that sort of rubbish.

For some reason, Obama has lately felt the need to talk about September 11th. Never mind the Democrat’s lines about how it shouldn’t be used to talk about terrorists or terrorism on the campaign trail, that is for Republicans only. Obama is the “The One” and he gets a free pass.

And I for one am fully behind him doing so.


Because it brings the Troofers out of the Democratic woodwork.

Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) noted Obama’s inclusion of September 11th rhetoric in his speeches yesterday.

Sure enough, a Troofer posting as “Mike” arrives, right on time.

Please, Obama, I beg of you, speak all you want about September 11th. I will be laughing every time I see a supporter of yours wearing an “inside job” shirt at your rallys. I’m not talking about outside, on the sidewalk. I’m talking in the crowd, right behind you. Those Ronulans really like them some Obama.

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