Not another penny

Never another penny.

After this story of New Orleans residents STILL living in taxpayer funded motels (with pools), I hung my head and was just astounded at the sheer laziness it has to take to not be employed after three years.

But now that I’ve read this story I have to lift my head up and scream because charities that were supposed to help NOLA residents are taking our donations and throwing a big party with them.

For Democrats only.

After months of planning for two dozen parties to fete the 56 delegations to the Democratic National Convention — and facing financial difficulties — the city’s host committee is scrapping those parties and holding one big bash.Friends of New Orleans, a charity formed to help that city recover from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, is paying for the party, and for a concert with New Orleans-style food at the Fillmore Auditorium afterward for the 6,000 delegates and their guests on Aug. 24, the Sunday before the convention opens.

Traditionally, a convention city stages several parties to welcome the state delegations. Through the protracted Democratic primary season, Denver’s host committee has been struggling to meet its fundraising obligations.

“This should save us some money,” said host committee spokesman Chris Lopez.

Ain’t that great!

Surely this has to be illegal. It does nothing to help any “victims” of the hurricane. And why are there still charities that have this sizable amount of funding left over if there are so many people still not housed?

Never another penny.

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