Horrible Tragedies

No, not the Darwin Award Nominee who died when the steamroller he had just stolen rolled on top of his trespassing (and quite probably drunken) dumb ass, but the tragedy of the local media letting his parents say something so stupid as this

Ed and Rachel Wydur said it was a moment of bad judgment.

“They were just boys out looking to have a good time. Not causing trouble, not vandalize things,” said Rachel.

There is also the tragedy of the company who owns the construction site and the equipment who will most likely be sued out of business because this trespassing (and quite probably drunken) dumb ass was too stupid to realize they these weren’t his Tonka toys, and his parents will make excuses for his trespassing (and quite possibly drunken) dumb ass even after he is dead because of his stupidity.

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2 Responses to Horrible Tragedies

  1. 6Kings says:

    This is squarely on the judge. There is no way on this earth that the parents should be compensated for their kid’s death. The kid is not a victim, he is a dead criminal.

    Trespassing laws absolutely need to be changed to say that if you trespass on someone’s property, all responsibility for death, injury, negligence is squarely on the trespassor. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    This kid is dead because of stupid choices. There is no negligence on the construction company. It is not their responsibility to childproof their property. Man, I hate this judicial system and the dumbasses that support it!

  2. The Mom says:

    The parents say the construction company was negligent for leaving the equipment, with keys, in an area that was not fenced (but I’m sure was posted no trespassing) so that it was very obviously an enticement to kids (18 yr. old adults), just out to have some fun – boys being boys!

    I get so sick of people so easily finding ANYBODY else to blame for the bad things that happen to them so they can continue to shrug their responsibilities.
    Where is their statement saying something like – we realize boys will be boys, but in this instance we’ve got no one but ourselves to point the finger at for not reinforcing to our son that it’s not OK to trespass, steal property, and go joyriding while taking part in underage drinking in the middle of the night? But nope – it’ll just be another case of the folks trying to make themselves feel better by making some big bucks off of their dead kid – and probably feel good about bringing about the demise of a family wage company in the bargain. I can hear it now. There, they won’t be able to hurt anybody elses child!

    Ye old handbasket is getting mighty full!

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