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In case you missed it

Boomershoot opened up for registration yesterday. As you may have noticed from David’s post yesterday, he has been working the email mojo and has gotten five new shooters (and bloggers) to sign up for the event. As of 09:41AM this … Continue reading

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It makes you wonder what the city will bring

After all, the organizers call themselves Illinois Carry Freedom Rally The first rally of its kind in the history of Chicago! Join the grassroots movement that is sweeping the state of Illinois. A movement to restore the Second Amendment right … Continue reading

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Reducing their carbon footprint

So the mother of these two girls has the cable company turn off the feed to supposedly keep money in the family bank account to pay for gas. When a daily dose of Hannah Montana became impossible, the Vance sisters … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/25/08

Ha! No Heller for you! Sorry, but the more I consider it, the less likely I find the idea that the courts will save us, and I’ve felt that way a LONG time. Kevin Baker – The Smallest Minority – … Continue reading

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