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Oh, Really

You don’t say Criminals tend to ignore wishful “Gun Free Zones” I know that many of you don’t like guns. I know that there are some among you who think gun owners are nothing more than armed Neanderthals. Fine. If … Continue reading

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Sure they are

Don’t the media creeps know that if you ignore these people that they’ll go away? Racist website visitors increase Sen. Barack Obama’s historic victory in the Democratic primaries, celebrated as a symbol of racial progress and cultural unity, has also … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/24/08

In yet another hit piece on Cindy McCain, LAT staff writer, Ralph Vartabedian, tries to lay another excuse as to why McCain is unfit for office. You can’t run a beer company out of the White House. Samuel L. Popkin … Continue reading

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They Don’t Care

It’s not their money To close the loop on our stories on the planned move of the west side offramp from the Hawthorne Bridge, we hear from the folks at Multnomah County that the $8.9 million that the county received … Continue reading

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He is asking for it

Nope. Actually, he’s demanding it. The SayAnything blog links to a story about Pastor Gus Booth of the Warroad Community Church having told his church’s attendees to not vote for Mr. BigHopeyChangey or HRC because of the pro-abortion stances. Pastor … Continue reading

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I guess you could say

This hero isn’t a fan of victim disarmament A shooting suspect was badly injured after he knocked down a door to try to get to two people and was greeted by a man armed with an oscillating fan. The incident … Continue reading

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I blame George W. Bush

For ending our long national nightmare of overweight school kids Fuel costs may force some kids to walk Here’s how rising fuel prices affect an organization with a fleet of 1,273 school buses: The Montgomery County school board today will … Continue reading

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