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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/23/08

Can you smell the anticip………………ation? The only opinion remaining from the March sitting is Heller. The only Justice without a majority opinion from that sitting is Justice Scalia. Tom Goldman – SCOTUSBlog – 06/23/08 @ 10:12AM buy proscar buy viagra … Continue reading

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A Big Round of Applause, Please

For Ron Schillinger, Mayor of Montesano, Washington. Mayor Schillinger was wise enough to see the bigotry behind the vote by the Montesano City Council banning leaglly carried firearms from city parks and he vetoed the entire parks bill. If you … Continue reading

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Calling All Oregon Bloggers

Check your HTML for having posted any of the Oregon Revised Statutes. Website owner wants right to put Oregon laws online The owner of a nonprofit Web site is battling Oregon for the right to distribute state laws on the … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Socialized Medicine: Part# 503716

Alternate title: State of Oregon kills woman because she costs too much After weeks of bad news, things turned Barbara Wagner’s way this week. Last month her lung cancer, in remission for about two years, was back. After her oncologist … Continue reading

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No Heller for You

Not today. Almost certain this decision will be handed down later this week, tho.

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Ok. Fine. Got it. The most brutal list of the most brutal Metal bands, as compiled by me. Wow, this is harder than it looks. Dude here made it look easy because he put hair bands in the mix. I’m … Continue reading

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That’s That and Twat’s Twat

My good man, George Carlin, died yesterday of a major myocardial infarction. He was 71 (which is a 69 with two fingers up her ass). The host of the first ever SNL episode, arrested alongside Lenny Bruce for refusing to … Continue reading

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