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The Soundboard: Nibble for a Giggle Edition

Being this is a week of weirdness, I became forgetful enough to not remember to dial up David on the RNS encrypted voodoo wave device last night to discover what tracks he had selected for today. But that is OK, … Continue reading

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The latest whine

You can tell that the race for Washington’s Governor is heating up. The leftosphere has whined themselves up to a pitch that can only be heard by dogs. The latest piece of outrage (click for bigger) The urban “progressives” haven’t … Continue reading

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Preach it! Truth to Power!

And all that sort of rubbish. For some reason, Obama has lately felt the need to talk about September 11th. Never mind the Democrat’s lines about how it shouldn’t be used to talk about terrorists or terrorism on the campaign … Continue reading

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The other RNS Quote of the Day

So I’m reading through the HuffPo so that you all don’t have to, and I find this moron, David Johnson, and his post about it is all a “Big Media Conspiracy” that is convincing people that drilling for more oil … Continue reading

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I have to admit

…this is pretty much me, most of the time. more cat pictures “Most people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” –A. Lincoln

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RNS Quote of the Day, 06/19/08

Larry brings it: Today I heard a soundbyte where Obama was touring a hospital, and talked about how seeing blood made his queasy. Yes, because that’s the kind of testicular fortitude we need in a leader! McCain got TORTURED for … Continue reading

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