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21 Years Ago Today

McCain wants to make sure we never put up a wall along our southern border. Obama will go over the wall to talk to anyone who wants to destroy the United States of America. Why can’t we get a candidate … Continue reading

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I agree with Sean

who says: I want to hug my air conditioner. I want to give it a foot massage and a scalp massage and feed it peeled grapes from a silver salver and clasp its head to my chest and whisper that … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Sweating to the Beat Edition

As was told in the comments section here, David is currently dealing with the Cali early summer temps. And no AC. I’d pity him, but he seems to like the weather there in general. OK, maybe I pity him a … Continue reading

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Instead of “Bracing For It”

They should have chosen a better candidate. Leftist hate-monger, Dave Neiwert, over at the leftist hate-mongering FireDogLake blog, writes that anyone who wishes for an Obama presidency to be a failure is simply racist. We’re either with Obama, or we’re … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/12/08

Yesterday, the Democrats in Congress blocked legislation that would have allowed drilling off our own shores, so long as it was past the horizon line (aka: minimum 50 miles and out to 200 miles offshore). I do believe that CNN … Continue reading

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Judicial Activism

Looks like someone wants to grab some headlines. And this someone wears black robes. A federal District Court judge has rejected conclusions of both the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife agency and NOAA that Oregon coastal coho salmon are … Continue reading

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Silly Me

I always thought that people should be honest Ten years ago, when environmental lawyer Kassie Siegel went in search of an animal to save the world, the polar bear wasn’t at all an obvious choice. Siegel and Brendan Cummings of … Continue reading

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Not another penny

Never another penny. After this story of New Orleans residents STILL living in taxpayer funded motels (with pools), I hung my head and was just astounded at the sheer laziness it has to take to not be employed after three … Continue reading

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