Driving While Influential

A Texas state lawmaker instrumental in the passage of legislation increasing penalties on drunk drivers was himself arrested late Wednesday for driving while intoxicated (DUI). Texas State House Transportation Chairman Mike Krusee (R-Round Rock) now faces the special $3000 “driver responsibility fee” that he rushed into law in June 2003.

Click here for the rest of the story. The guy seems to know his way around the Texas DWI laws and I will not be in the least bit surprised to hear that he fought this tooth and nail.

I just hope he doesn’t win this case. Or his next election.

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One Response to DWI

  1. Mikee says:

    Writing as a Round Rock resident, allow me to add that the story finishes with delicious humor.

    Krusee is not running for re-election, as he is likely to be appointed to the high level Texas Highway Commission, overseeing Toll Road development and handling gazillions in state and federal funds for roads.

    One can hope that the position comes with a driver, but I doubt it.

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