Hold Your Colors

Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell linked to at post by Professor Eugene Volokh on the topic of “Preference Falsification” which basically states that some folks will be dishonest about their preferences if they think that the person asking or a friend/acquaintance, or a neighbor or an employer will disapprove.

Sebastian writes:

I think it highlights the importance of making sure people know you’re a gun owner. I don’t think you must, or even should, wear it on your sleeve, but hiding and pretending we’re doing something wrong because some people don’t approve of it will kill our rights in the long run.

I whole heartedly agree. In fact, if there is anywhere I disagree with him on this it is the “wearing on the sleeve” idea.

I wear the clothes in public (hats, coats, shirts), I tack the truck with subtle and not so subtle identifiers, I am “The Gunnie” at work.

There is nothing wrong with my hobby and I am not going to act as though there is. Golfers do this. Fishermen do this. Football, Baseball and Basketball fans do this.

It is a fact that you meet the nicest people at the firing range. But having a Marine walk up to you in the parking lot to ask if this sticker on my canopy’s rear window actually means what he thinks it means is a great experience as well.

Here is LLE’s website where you too can communicate with your fellow gunnies. Their motto: “Pro-Gun Stuff for Pro-Gun Folks”

And fyi: I have been asked about this particular item at Costco, Best Buy and one local restaurant. I’m not even counting the other two times in the parking lot of Sportsman’s Warehouse since this successful chain sporting goods retailer actually sells firearms..

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2 Responses to Hold Your Colors

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Thanx for the link to Life, Liberty, Etc. Great site, and their “Range Bag” section is definitely to be bookmarked!

  2. Robb Allen says:

    Yeah, I flagged this post because I want to remember to go check them out.

    Fashion wise, though, I’m in a bind. I admit it, my wife dresses me. I haven’t picked out my own shirt to buy in years. And I’m utilitarian about fashion. It has to cover up my naughty bits and conceal a Glock and that’s about it.

    So, I don’t buy shirts & gear often, and when I do it’s stuff I can wear at work as well as at home. I don’t have the money for $15 for advertisement shirts.

    I hope that there’s some gear available at the NRA show, because that’s really the only way I’d be able to wear stuff like that.

    I have no problem discussing my hobby at work. I bring up my range experiences in meetings, talk to people about my latest purchase, etc. Heck, I couldn’t wait to show everyone my M44 video I made at the range (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACkmNvDGE3U). But I’m not sure I’d push it on casual day by wearing a Glock shirt. There’s still a high vibe of anti-gun sentiment in corporate America.

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