Excellent Springfield M6 Scout Review

Courtesy of the Packing Rat.

See the review here, with disassembly pics even!

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5 Responses to Excellent Springfield M6 Scout Review

  1. Glenn B says:

    A rifle/shotgun combo that is definitely worth looking into or so it seems.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    If folding or takedown long arms have piqued your interest, do yourself a favor and get over to http://www.kel-tec-cnc.com and look at Kel-Tec’s selection of folding rifles.

    Start with the Sub-Rifle 2000 series. This weapon is a pistol caliber, autoloading, blowback-operated magazine fed weapon which not only has the excellent design to fold in half, making it stowable as a 16″-long item, but it also can be ordered in a magazine well configuration to take any one of several different major pistol brand’s magazines. This gives the additional advantage of being able to carry both a sidearm AND a carbine which shoot the same round and use the same magazines.

    The rifle is available in either 9mm Luger or .40 S&W calibers. Shooting either caliber out of a 16″ barrel gives about a 20-30% increase in muzzle velocity. The 9mm will exit at around 1500-1600 fps, and in some rounds, the .40 S&W will exit at almost 1900, giving a +P 165-gr round zing as good as or better than 10mm, or around what .357 Magnum can be made to do out of a carbine.

    For me, the best advantage is in the $25 accessory case, which looks for all the world like ANYTHING BUT a rifle case. In fact, just by itself, this rifle and several loaded magazines will fit into an business attache case or bag.

    I consider the Kel-Tec Sub Rifle 2000 to be the most innovative pistol caliber carbine ever made, but if pistol calibers don’t do it for you, how about the same (folding carbine) concept in 5.56 NATO? Yep, Kel-Tec makes the SU-16 series of carbines which fold and are built on an AR-like Stoner action, and take AR or M16 magazines.

    It’s all on their website, and no, I don’t work for them, but probably could.

  3. Derek says:

    It’s funny to me that you should bring that up. I’ve been really wanting one for at least three months, but in Kalifornia, it’s a no-no. In CA, we have a law, SB23, which outlines the banishment of rifles with specific features/characteristics – this particular rifle has two: pistol grip with detachable magazine.


  4. David says:

    Actually, Derek, you’re right that we can’t buy the Sub-2000, but we CAN buy the SU-16CA. I have had one for more than a year now and love it! I needed a home for all the, er, old AR mags I had lying around.

    I think of the SU-16CA as a really, really cheap version of Jeff Cooper’s Steyr Scout, but in semi-auto — albeit in a wimpier caliber. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs….

    I’m bringing it to Boomershoot and if I get bored with my pistols, I may try to hit a boomer with it. It has the nice fast-twist barrel which should stabilize my Black Hills .223 heavy-grainers pretty well.

  5. johnny b says:

    you guys are forgetting the m6 scout is for surviving in a survival situation where weight and ammo consumption might affect your well being…. if you cant hit it in one shot get closer

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