Boomer Video

After and hour long attempt to upload these vids, LiveLeak reminded me that I cannot upload more than 100MB of data to their servers.


I hope you all have hi-speed connections because I’m putting them where I normally put the Soundboard tunage and posting links.

Due to space considerations, I’ll only be posting the best three vids.

Here we have just a random few minutes of Boomershoot, shortly after the opening horn. 70 some odd shooters firing at hundreds of targets. Of course, the 380 yard targets get hit earlier and more often, but watch around the snow on the hillside for explosions. Video is 148megs.

This video is the same shot, just a few minutes later. I’m shooting, David is spotting, the target is at approximately 625 yards. My first couple shots had elevation problems (my fault) and my misses were being measured in feet. Problem corrected, I continue to make the boomer very frightened until I make the ultimate miss. Video is 76megs.

This last video is of Boomer Clean-Up. There were approximately 10 positions lined up approximately 30yds from the berm (shooters just outside of the right hand edge of the frame). Each position had one shooter. Each shooter had five 4-inch targets to themselves and then there were many, many 3-inch targets placed along the berm to be taken out first come/first serve style.

That video is 130megs and is also proof that being closer does not increase your shot/hit ratio.

Ry Jones also has video of the opening fireball and also footage of the low-flow toilet which was blown up in honor of the political satirist, Dave Barry.


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4 Responses to Boomer Video

  1. john says:

    I hope you don’t have a bandwidth bill this month! Great vids, I’ll save them on my harddrive instead of downloading every day, mmmkay?

  2. bwaites says:

    I can’t make the video play, ideas?

    It triggers Windows Media Player, but then nothing happens.

    Ry’s plays as advertised.


  3. bwaites says:

    Got it! Worked fine with RealPlayer.


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