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Boomershoot Planning, Part 4: Loadin’ the California Wagon

I spent much of the weekend trying to get various things done so I could go to the range for the first time since summer and do some verifying of zeros. I got stuff done, but one thing led to … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 4/21/08

From a sign in San Francisco protesting China’s hosting of the Olympics: Would we allow Nazi Germany to host the Olympics? That sound you hear is history teachers beating their heads against the wall. My buddy’s eyewitness account below the … Continue reading

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BAG Day Purchase

As some folks may have noticed, I didn’t post about any new purchases for BAG Day, April 15th. That is mostly because I spent my BAG Day monies back during Easter. That spending, in turn, allowed Ken (aka The Step-Dad) … Continue reading

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Things are looking up.

Way up for shooting conditions at the Boomershoot site. Joe is quite pleased with the conditions on site, and if Joe is pleased, then so am I. Dry, but cold as a step-mother’s kiss. Bringing my thermals and wool socks. … Continue reading

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The only way they can get that phrase on the headline

Is by butting the word “Test” in front of it. They’re against GM plants, but they’ll pay a cool million for GM meat because they can make a fortune from it. Test tube steak? PeTA wants formula People for the … Continue reading

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Even kids watching Sesame Street

Would be scratching their heads at this oddity that Craig at MTPolitics found The headline that the blogger jhwygirl wrote: Governor to Propose Reduction in Property Taxes The Article she linked to says: The Department of Revenue says it is … Continue reading

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If one standard is great

Two must be stupendous! And folks in the leftosphere want Obama to pick this guy for Veep A prominent Senate Democrat on Wednesday said federal and local police should use custom software to monitor peer-to-peer networks for illegal activity, and … Continue reading

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