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The Soundboard: Special “Speaking of Taxes” Edition

Today is some kind of marked day important to the filing of taxes, or so I’m told. And in honor of whatever day that is, I’m posting Death Metal Dethharmonic – Dethklok Yes, I know that I’ve previously stated that … Continue reading

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I’m from the government

And I’m here to help you. And I’m wearing a EU authorized vest. EU forces bus company to dump passengers every half hour Passengers are having to change bus partway through their journeys to comply with an EU directive. The … Continue reading

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At least that idea is mostly harmless

Although not to your pocket book. Australia: 1500 Police Officers Believe Main Job is Revenue Generation A landmark survey of 3459 police officers in Victoria, Australia today exposed a disturbing shift in law enforcement priorities. A total of 42 percent … Continue reading

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Must. Release. Pressure.

Death by a thousand papercuts: A geological example Scientists listening to underwater microphones have detected an unusual swarm of earthquakes off the central Oregon Coast. Scientists don’t know what the earthquakes mean, but they could be the result of magma … Continue reading

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How can one man

Be so dumb while using the word “Smart” over and over again? Assemblyman wants California to require “SmartGuns” A California lawmaker is so sure that current biometric research will produce “smart” guns that he’s proposing to require them in coming … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 04/15/08

London Police are engaging in some of the most intrusive “Security Theater” imaginable. Sadly for them, they pulled over a UK Samidat this weekend. This is what has been called “security theatre”: lots of action signifying little. Even the copper … Continue reading

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