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Waving Goodbye

To my freedom of association. Back at the end of February I told you all about Elaine Huguenin, the photographer in New Mexico, who was being sued by the state’s Human Rights Division for stating that her Christian values did … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Waisted Edition

Jello Biafra wrote “California Uber Alles” in 1979. The key line in the track I would like to point out is as follows: You will jog for the master race, And always wear the happy face. He was close, but … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 04/10/08

So good, even Glennzilla had this as his QotD Politicians are like parents who tell you what time to go to bed but can’t put dinner on the table. Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Arts … Continue reading

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And the goose and gander never meet

This post at NRO has a chart that makes a comparison between 1996 and 2008 you should take a peek at. The main topic is employment. There are also a couple of nice quotes.

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