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The Bagman

Yes, Seattle enacted a $0.20 tax on all grocery bags last week. Yes, they called it an “environmental fee”. No, I don’t really care. Yes, I live in Tacoma. You see, in the utopia that is supposed to Seattle, no … Continue reading

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Lost in the re-write

They may have read the script version for Orwell’s Animal Farm, but the editor must have cut some parts out. As the Screen Actors Guild gets set to begin contract negotiations with the major Hollywood studios — and tries to … Continue reading

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Just Give Us More Money

And your kids will be magically smarter. That is the rallying cry of teachers (union zealots) everywhere. Umm, I may be the product of a broken publik skrool sistam, but even I know when the numbers don’t add up. We’re … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 04/07/08

See-Dubya, writing at Michelle Malkin’s place on the topic of Janet Reno joining the ACLU team who wish to defend the terrorists at Gitmo It’s funny: One of Janet Reno’s most significant accomplishments as attorney general was capturing Elian Gonzales … Continue reading

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The More Things Change

Apparently, the nuances of being a sports car enthusiast I learned during the 90’s didn’t make it down the the poor saps in Riverside, CA. Using $503,000 in federal and state gas tax revenue to pay for overtime, nine police … Continue reading

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