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Hillary’s Minnesota Twin

Wow! If ever there was anyone who truly needed something stupid they’d said tattooed onto their forehead, it would be this guy. Found via Gateway Pundit and DANEgerus

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The Soundboard: General Announcement Tunage

According to the new Frau Specialista Doktor, I have to spend Friday at the local General Hospital taking a nap. Nothing emergency-like, so don’t anybody go freaking out. Just something more she wants to take a look at. I’ll be … Continue reading

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PSH in Progress

I was just going to let the story about the Des Moines Pizza Hut driver go. I don’t eat their pizza since they opened a Papa Murphy’s near my house, so my threat to boycott them would be inconsequential. But … Continue reading

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More Save us from Global Warming

Hey California, need some snow? (don’t laugh, we’ve sold them water) Snowpack near Spada Lake buries 1997 record The snowpack above Snohomish County’s main drinking water reservoir at Spada Lake has smashed a record set more than a decade ago. … Continue reading

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There are no Hooters restaurants in the UK Insult to Democracy and Common Sense Pub landlords beware: from next Sunday it will be an offence, punishable by unlimited compensation orders, to allow customers to chat up bar staff. No, this … Continue reading

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